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Nice to meet you, I’m Danya dev.

I will automate any of your business processes, or create an internal tool for your team as quickly and well as possible. But most of all I love working on startup MVPs.

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And then I became no-coder

In 2019, I discovered no-code tools. They made me a real superhuman, because using them I could develop solutions much faster. Thanks to my development experience, I can extend no-code tools, and that's my superpower

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I started as a web developer

I graduated in 2016 and started building websites and applications (PC and mobile) for my clients. I used the JavaScript programming language and libraries/frameworks such as React, React Native, three js, D3js, Electron and many many others.

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Tools I using in my work everyday

bubble adalo airtable coda integromat zapier retool webflow n8n google sheets mailchimp figma appSheet
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What the clients say about my work

Carl Downey
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“We hire Danya to automate the business processes of our real estate business. I had to fire one of my employees because Danya automated absolutely all of his work“

/ Carl Downey
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