Automations for logistics company

Automations for logistics company

May 02, 2022

Automation for logistics company
Logistics company
Zapier, JavaScript

Quick overview for busy readers

This is a list of implemented integrations:

  1. Webflow lead automation.
  2. Gmail lead automation.
  3. Social media post duplicating.
  4. Internal slack bot for docs.
  5. Slack bot for sales reports.
  6. Tracking mentions in social media.
  7. Stripe charging failed notifications.

Made with love❤ using Zapier & JavaScript.

About the project

The client is the CEO of a logistics company. They found that they were doing too much work manually. So they asked me to set up some automations.

And here's what I did:

Lead automation

It is extremely important for a logistics company to process incoming leads as quickly as possible. So now when a company receives a new lead (form on the Webflow website), a notification comes to Slack.

Also, when a new customer writes an email, the team will be notified too.

Social media post duplicating

When an employee uploads a new video to YouTube, posts are automatically created on the following social networks:
→ twitter
→ instagram
→ facebook

Slack doc bot

A small slack bot that makes managers' job easier and makes some changes to the documents that are sent to it and saves them in Google Drive

Slack sales report bot

Slack bot sends daily and weekly sales reports to the CEO

Keep track of social media mentions

Sends notifications to SMM marketers when mentions are made on reddit and twitter, for a quick response

Stripe charging failed

If the client has an error in payment, Slack will receive a notification. Employees will be able to quickly contact the customer and find out why the payment didn't go through.