Internal budgeting tool

Internal budgeting tool

May 27, 2022

Internal budgeting tool
Aurora IT
Internal tool development
Retool ❤, JavaScript

About the project

My client, his name is Jeffrey, needed a program to keep track of individual budgets for all employees. He kept all the information in google sheets, and used to manually look it up. But then it became too difficult to keep track of that spreadsheet, and to keep giving employees information about how much they had spent and how much budget they had left over.

So Jeffrey (account manager of Aurora IT) asked me to create an internal tool that would solve this problem.


And I did. I used my favorite tool, Retool. I created a private admin account for Jeffrey and a private account for the employees. The employees had to login to the site using their corporate email. They were taken to their personal account where they could see all the necessary information on bonus spending, and fill out a new spending form.

Jeffrey could see a dashboard with all the employees, and find out the spending information of any of them in one click.

This internal tool saved Jeffrey about ~10 hours of routine work per month